Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some more Pictures

these pictures are when we first got home from the hospital. That is why i look so lovely. The one is our first family picture. Well our first family picture of 5. Then the rest are the kids getting used to seeing the new baby sister. And the last one is of Kambria snuggling with her daddy. I will keep posting more pictures so everyone can see our new fun family.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Can you believe that it has already been a week! I can't! Kambria is doing great. She eats very well and sleeps alot. She even does okay at night. The first night home she slept for six hours. That was awesome! She is so fun to watch and just hold and cuddle with. I love watching babies when they get little bubbles in their tummy and start to laugh or get really big smiles on their face. They are just the most precious little things ever!
Bryan and Tayela are enjoying being the big brother and big sister! They love to help and give Kambria hugs and kisses. They are doing wonderful with the new bundle of joy. They always sing her songs and will sit and talk to her whenever they can. I think kids are just the most amazing things ever! I am really thankful for all 3 of mine and for the joy and adventures the do and will bring to our lives!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy BIRTHDAY Kambria

Well I figured that I would do the right thing and post some pictures of my new baby Girl. Just so you know Shandi is still in the Hospital recovering and she was awesome. I decided that I would tell the story so that everyone knows.
Last night Shandi and I were getting ready for bed and Bryan always asks when his sister is going to come out. So we always would tell him, "when she is ready." Well that wasn't going to work anymore for him and he wanted the baby to come out. So in his nightly prayer he prayed that she would come out tomorrow. After the prayer we smiled at each other and we decided that we were going to play some tetris. Well Shandi had a few good contractions for about an hour and then we went to bed. Well the next day Shandi came and picked me up from work to go to her appointment around 2:45 p.m. on Jan 20th. All the time joking about the fact that all of our kids have been born on the 20th of a month and today was the day. We got into the room and the doctor checked her and he said "well looks like your going to the hospital because your already at a 6 or so." We both just laughed and said " you have got to be joking right." Well he wasn't and we went and got Shandi's bag from home and checked into the Hospital. (No one believed that we were going to have a baby) As we walked down the hall several people asked "are you the one that is having the baby, you can't be! That is not right that your that far along and you are just walking down the hall." Well to make a not so long story shorter they broke her water at 5:15 p.m. or so and at 6:39 out came the baby. Shandi was so awesome, I was amazed. First she didn't have any drugs or pain medication. I could only think PAIN, LOTS and LOTS of PAIN. But she was a champ and is feeling good. (as good as you can feel after having a baby) But here are some pics. I am sure that she will write and tell you more when she gets out, but I am a proud husband and father. I don't know how people can not believe there is a God and and have gone through such a spiritual experience. Oh ya Her name is Kambria Skye she was 6 lbs 13 oz and was 20 inches long. Light brown hair. Just the most perfect thing.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Catching UP!

Well here is an update for the Larsen Family. Bryan had his 4th birthday!!!! I can't believe that I have a 4 year old. He has gotten so big and is really very smart and is a wonderful big brother!! We love you Bryan. Then... We made it through Christmas..... we had a great family get together for Scott's family on Christmas Eve. We started that day with an ultra sound and got to see our baby. Then we went straight to the Church for our nephews baptism. Then that night we had dinner with all the family and some of the cousins. It was alot of fun and the kids got to run around like crazy little chickens. It was a fun and enjoyble time. Sorry I would put the pictures in but my computer is being complicated. Now for christmas morning...we wake up, our kids open their know the fun stuff. Santa brought our kids these really awesome bean bag investment ever!!!!!!!!! Then we went and had breakfast at Scott's parents house. Opened some more presents and then we were off to my parents house in Joe City! We get there and of course open some more presents. It was alot of fun and very enjoyable. So now on to new years... nothing to exciting. We played games at Scott's sisters house until about 9 and then we came home the kids went to sleep and Scott and I watched the movie Hancock. Happy new year! So the next day The 2nd of Jan. was our annivesary. Happy Anniversary Scott!! Its been a wonderful 5 years. We had a good day. It started by taking our kids to breakfast at denny's and it was yummy food. Then we came home and just relaxed for a while. Scott helped his sister and her husband take shingles off their house. Then that night we had a good family dinner at home. Planned a family camp out in our living room and watched the movie enchanted together. I had a wonderful time. I think it was awesome to spend most of the day and night all together as a family. So that was the holidays for us in a nutshell. Now on to more exciting things. Our next..........a new baby. I had my apointment today. I am 36 weeks and could be ready to go anyday. So I will keep all of you updated on that. And sorry I really do have pictures but like I said my computer is being complicated. so I will try again later.