Friday, July 3, 2009

4th of July Family Pictures.

so we decided to take our traditional 4th of july pictures today. I think they turned out really well. And we all had a good time doing it! The best part is.......... are kids never cried. Thanks Elaine for taking them. Kambria.... finally looking up!
Bryan flying on the Train.

Tayela on the Kaboose ladder.

yes we are still in love!

the family...

on the end of the Kaboose!

I had to add this one... the kids were getting a little

The kids by the waterfall. One of my favs.

Kambria sitting up by herself! Proof! I wasn't lying.

Tayela. We tryed to get her sideways. But we said okay
look at Amme, and she would turn.

Bryan, my handsome boy!

This is our favorite family picture!
So there you have it. our morning adventure of taking family photos! :)