Monday, June 29, 2009

a little of this, a little of that.......

This is usually what my house looks like.......when I get out of the shower. Why??? Well the 4 year old and the 2 year old like to make messes for the 5 minutes that I am gone, and they are good at it! What you can't see......smashed crackers and cereal, spilt water, and the blanket on the couch.....yeah that's a sleeping baby! How?? I don't know! So where are these partners in crime????

Oh here they are!!!! Still in their jama's well one of them. And yes they are outside playing on the tree we tore out of our yard. Getting stickers in the little bums. Notice the lovely bed head hair on the 2 year old!!!! I really can't say that because it usually looks like that!!! YIKES!!! They only look innocent!
This picture of me......well Bryan is learning how to use the camera. So everyone got pictures taken.

This...........I like this......I think my scottie looks good in the Tractor! He was moving rock. The kiddos thought it was pretty awesome that their Daddy new how to use a tractor!

This is the shot of Kambria....... who by the way is already 5 months, and rolls over, and sit's up by herself, who likes to ramble on about things, who likes to DEVOUR food, and who always gets loves from everybody. I will post pictures of all that next time.

that is a picture of the 2 year old. Tayela always ready to give a cheesy smile. I love it!
this is the 4 year old. My cute, handsome boy! I love him too! ALot! So there is our little story....well one of our many little stories!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Candid Camera

I took the kids to my backyard to try and get a decent picture for my wall. You know until I can get with Luanne to get good ones. anyways here you go.

now I learned a couple of things from this. 1) I am NOT a photographer. 2) Kids do not like to sit still. 3) Now I know why you always see the parent in the background jumping around, clapping their hands, and making noises. and 4) my kids are pretty stinkin cute! But hey that just might be cause they are mine!