Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The other day Bryan was talking to me telling me how excited he was about going to the Father's and Son's campout. He is planning on wearing his black camouflage pants.... He is taking Jamas this year, they will need toilet paper and a bean bag! So I then asked him Well where are you going to sleep? He said in his bean bag. So I corrected him and told him it's called a sleeping bag. Any who... I asked him well what are you going to eat for dinner? He says, A hotdog! OHHH and after that I am going to eat some SNORES!!!! (at this point I am starting to laugh because it was just to cute and funny). I said, Oh Really!! You are going to eat snores! He says... YEAH MOM! You know not the SNORES that go like this...... Picture Bryan making a snoring sound, the SNORES that you eat!!! YUMMM. That is when I lost it! I laughed uncontrollably all day! To stinkin funny!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kambria's 1st Birthday!

This Beautiful little girl turned one in January! I know I am almost two months behind. But that is just how is goes sometimes. All you moms out there understand.... right? Now back to Kambria I cannot believe how fast a year goes by. I just love this girl to pieces! I gave her the frosting container to throw away. then I turn around to find this. Why not enjoy the good stuff!
On Kambria's birthday we had Preschool at our house. It just so happens that our theme was balloons! So for her first birthday she got Balloons! And she was in Heaven! All of the kids ran the loop- to loop in my house with they balloons in hand!

Since it was Pre-school/ First Birthday I did cupcakes to avoid a huge mess! WRONG! 7 preschoolers+2 babies+ 9 cupcakes= HUGE MESS!
But it was GOOD! :)

This is out of order but see the one candle on top? I was trying to show her how to blow the candle out. Didn't work very well.

again out of order..... The cupcakes.....before the kids found them.

Kambria got this little car for her birthday. This is her checking it out! She loves it. And she can do some pretty awesome tricks on it! Just look at the above picture!

And this one. BAD picture but oh well. she loved the car.
Some of Kambria's accomplishments before he first birthday.....
She was crawling at 6 months
she was WALKING at 9 months.
she finally got some teeth somewhere around this time.
She loves her Big brother and Sister. She will play with them for hours.
She Jibber Jabbers ALOT! And get's a few words in there, like mama dadda, Ba (for Bryan) and LALA ( for Tayela)
She is so full of personality! And it's a funny one to! For example... the other day she was in Scott and I's bed in the morning. Scott had gotten up to take his shower and when he got out Kambria was awake but just laying there. He turns on the bedroom light and right as he did Kambria covers her eyes with her arm and says loudly DADDDDD!!!! It was the funniest thing. I laughed about it all day!
Kambria we love you so much and we are so glad you are a part of our family! Happy Birthday!