Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Wow! Where to start?! Sorry there are a lot of pics this time. We have been busy with all of these fun things.
To Start off.... Every thursday we do a craft day for the kids at the church.... with it being the Halloween season the kids turned themselves into goblins!!!! this is Tayela's SCARY face.
Goblin Bryan

This last weekend Grandpa and Grandma Larsen surprised us with a visit! We were all very excited to see them again! We love the visits we have with them. We also love that they both still love to play games. We played Rummikub... and Grandma Larsen is Good at it and is very competitive! It's Great!

Monday night...We went to my parents house and we had my early birthday dinner and a pumpkin carving party. Well The guys watched football.....
Here is My Scottie watching the game.... I think he smiled so I would hurry up and get out of the way! :)
Here is my dad Chillaxin!!! He is a great guy! And I love him!

Kambria and me! I took the picture so its kind of goofy

Here is proof that this girl eats!!! She spent half here time in here... and the other half

Doing this.... She helped me carve the "cat" pumpkin.

Bryan Helpedmy mom carve his pumpkin.... The Skull and cross bones. He calls it the Pirate pumpkin.

TOE!!! Oh Tori... she was funny. This was here first pumpkin carving experience. How that is possible.. I haven't figured it out yet. It doesn't make sense. I mean come on, she has a sister with a Halloween B-Day For crying out loud!
ANyways... This is her trying not to smile and her attempt at a "frustrated" face. Sad I know

This is Mami. she is my families Foreign Exchange student from Japan. This was here first pumpkin too!

My mother!!! She was having a good time! This is here 2nd pumpkin of the night.

this is Tayela's finished product.

This is Bryan's finished product!
It was a great family night and Thanks for the early b-day party!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Okay!!!! Today we are going to talk about Bryan!!! Bryan is going to turn 5 in December!! Honestly I can't believe it! any ways in the last few months Bryan has accomplished alot! So I just wanted to mention a few more so for myself than anything else. So Bryan, you have been able to write your own name now for about a year! And now you are so very determined to start writing that you have given yourself homework! Yes I did say YOU gave yourself homework! you sit down and practice writing your ABC's and your numbers. And you are doing a fantastic job! Bryan is getting very good at identifying letters and numbers and I know will do excellent in school next year!
Bryan you are a very determined kid!!!!! The other day you asked me to teach you how to tie you shoe. So I showed you and helped you a few times. And for the rest of the day INSTEAD of playing you sat the all day and "tied" your shoe. At the end of that day you DID IT! All by your self. You showed your dad when he got home and from then on we can no longer help you! Good job! Let's see....... Oh another big one That MOM was super excited about! You finally gave in to wiping your own bum! I know its kind of gross but I did the Happy Dance that day! Thank you for accomplishing that one!
So onto other things.......
Bryan has been plaing soccer and LOVES it. His team name is the Red Hots. And he was SOOO excited because his team color is red. That is his favorite color. He is doing really good. He has scored a couple of goals.... but mostly it's run up and down the field and try not to run over the whole herd of kids running to kick this little soccer ball. It is alot of fun to watch. We love you Bryan, and I Hope you stay like you are and always be determined to accomplish everthing in life! Soccer Boy he is # 2
Warming up before the game.

One of his cutest fans!!

And this is you and the other cute fan!