Thursday, January 21, 2010

Here we GO!!!!!!

So Here we go!!1 Here comes all of the blogs that I am behind on!! We will start with the first of the many events! Bryan's 5th Birthday!! Which was a month ago.... anyways Bryan wanted a Knight and Dragon birthday party so that is what we did.
Here is his cake that I made for him. This dragon took me like 2 hours to do. He better have loved that cake!
here is Bryanposing with the cake. Telling the WORLD that yes he is officially 5!!!!! Now he asks me everyday..... So is tomorrow the day that I get to go to kindergarten? and my answer never changes. Poor guy!

My sister tori drew this awesome dragon so we could play "pin the FIRE on the dragon"! It was awesome and the kids loved it!

The gang!!!
all the boys got these blow up swords to fight the dragon that you see sitting there. I was the lucky on e to sit behind the dragon when they were fighting it! They hit hard!! the girls that were there got Princess stuff.. Get it??? Knights..... Dragons..... Princesses!!!

so there you have the quick re-cap of Bryan's 5th Birthday!! I still can NOT believe that I have a 5 year old. But I absolutely adore him and love him sooo much. he is the best helper and the best big brother to his sisters. Some of my favorite things about Bryan are ...... the fact that he will not. i repeat WILL NOT go to bed with out reading his scriptures and saying his prayers. He is a great example to me!! He Loves to help me with cleaning... Vacuuming in particular. Like I said before...He is a great help and loves his sisters and they love him. he is quite the little entertainer. Loves to make everyone happy and have a good time!!!! And my favorite for sure is..... He still loves me and his daddy!!! AND he tells us everyday all day long!!!! I love you too Bryan.

Friday, January 15, 2010


So I know that it has been a while and I am sooo far behind on my posting! But that is just the way my life has been these last couple of weeks. To start off the Holiday season we had Brayn's 5 birthday! yes I do have a 5 year old. Then we had Christmas. then New Year's. Then Our 6th Anniversary. Coming this week Kambria's 1st birthday. so when I actually have the time to sit and Download pictures of all these fun and eventful activities I will do so.

I know all of you are thinking WELL What does she do all day!!! I do nothing! Just kidding. I have my kids plus an extra. I sometimes am in charge of pre-school. We do craft day, and playgroup. And this past week WAS CRAZY!! Tayela was super sick! She Threw up from FRIDAY until TUESDAY! Which equalls Doctors visits and the ER and tired and Cranky girl, Plus two CRAZY boys who can't sit still...Plus a teething baby who only wants to be held. What does all of this equal??? ANSWER------- NOTHING GETS DONE! WHEW !! Now I feel better!