Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I REaLLy stink at blogging!

I admitted it!!!! No excuses, no nothing! I just plain stink at blogging! It's the last thing on my mind. Oh well. I have accepted it. So anywho.. we took family pictures last weekend. Well we actually did it so I could make Christmas cards to send to people. Yeah..........I still haven't done that. oops. But on the plus side I printed out pictures to hang on my wall! So enjoy the pictures. My favorite part. The kids personality in the photos! Just a little taste for you all. Oh and if you would like a Christmas card e-mail me your addresses!!! THANKS!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

First day of Kindergarten!

Bryan is FINALLY in school!!! And I only say it like that because he has been asking since the last school year got out if tomorrow was the day he gets to go to school!!! So it is not because I couldn't wait to get him out of the house it is because I was sooooo sick of the Tomorrow question!!! So yes Folks I am now officially old enough to have a kid in KINDERGARTEN!!! Here is Bryan in the Outfit that he had picked out since the week before School started. His shirt says :PIZZA, the Ninja Food" he loves it.
He is my Handsome man showing off his killer backpack!

This one was way to cute! I don't know who was more excited. They were walking as fast as they could to get to the assembly.

This is at the assembly where all of the teachers take turns and call their students and then they go to their classrooms.

Bryan snuck in the classroom before I could get there. So His Teacher had to call him out so I could get this picture.

This is Brekken! I was so glad that Bryan and him are in the same class.

Here is our group shot just before we sent Bryan to his class for good.

Tayela was sad that she couldn't stay with Bryan. So we fixed that problem by going to buy a slushy. Bryan is soo excited for the school year and he has great teachers. His teacher is Mrs. Corum and his aid is Mrs. Turley. Have a great year at school Bryan!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tayela turned 3!!

Tayela had a birthday!!! Almost a month ago! She turned 3 on March 20th! I cannot believe that she is so big! Here are some photos of this beautiful girl of ours!! She has a very funny personality and is very loving(most of the time) to her brother and sister! she always asks to wear my sunglasses!
on Sunday Tayela got really quiet so we went to see what she was up to and found her reading her scriptures!

She bought herself a make-up kit with her b-day money and loves it!

And Kambria is her model!

Whether she likes it or not!

Decorations for her party! She was really excited.

This is our Traditional b-day breakfast!

The cupcakes for her Friend party!

The Party people!

We were going to play with Water balloons outside but of course it decided to be yucky outside to we had to improvise! So we played balloon games inside!

Tayela telling you that she is 3.

Tayela we love you soo much! You are a great little girl and you are a great little helper. You know how to sing your ABC's and sing alot of song!!! You have an amazing imagination! You can count to 20 all by your self. Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The other day Bryan was talking to me telling me how excited he was about going to the Father's and Son's campout. He is planning on wearing his black camouflage pants.... He is taking Jamas this year, they will need toilet paper and a bean bag! So I then asked him Well where are you going to sleep? He said in his bean bag. So I corrected him and told him it's called a sleeping bag. Any who... I asked him well what are you going to eat for dinner? He says, A hotdog! OHHH and after that I am going to eat some SNORES!!!! (at this point I am starting to laugh because it was just to cute and funny). I said, Oh Really!! You are going to eat snores! He says... YEAH MOM! You know not the SNORES that go like this...... Picture Bryan making a snoring sound, the SNORES that you eat!!! YUMMM. That is when I lost it! I laughed uncontrollably all day! To stinkin funny!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kambria's 1st Birthday!

This Beautiful little girl turned one in January! I know I am almost two months behind. But that is just how is goes sometimes. All you moms out there understand.... right? Now back to Kambria I cannot believe how fast a year goes by. I just love this girl to pieces! I gave her the frosting container to throw away. then I turn around to find this. Why not enjoy the good stuff!
On Kambria's birthday we had Preschool at our house. It just so happens that our theme was balloons! So for her first birthday she got Balloons! And she was in Heaven! All of the kids ran the loop- to loop in my house with they balloons in hand!

Since it was Pre-school/ First Birthday I did cupcakes to avoid a huge mess! WRONG! 7 preschoolers+2 babies+ 9 cupcakes= HUGE MESS!
But it was GOOD! :)

This is out of order but see the one candle on top? I was trying to show her how to blow the candle out. Didn't work very well.

again out of order..... The cupcakes.....before the kids found them.

Kambria got this little car for her birthday. This is her checking it out! She loves it. And she can do some pretty awesome tricks on it! Just look at the above picture!

And this one. BAD picture but oh well. she loved the car.
Some of Kambria's accomplishments before he first birthday.....
She was crawling at 6 months
she was WALKING at 9 months.
she finally got some teeth somewhere around this time.
She loves her Big brother and Sister. She will play with them for hours.
She Jibber Jabbers ALOT! And get's a few words in there, like mama dadda, Ba (for Bryan) and LALA ( for Tayela)
She is so full of personality! And it's a funny one to! For example... the other day she was in Scott and I's bed in the morning. Scott had gotten up to take his shower and when he got out Kambria was awake but just laying there. He turns on the bedroom light and right as he did Kambria covers her eyes with her arm and says loudly DADDDDD!!!! It was the funniest thing. I laughed about it all day!
Kambria we love you so much and we are so glad you are a part of our family! Happy Birthday!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Here we GO!!!!!!

So Here we go!!1 Here comes all of the blogs that I am behind on!! We will start with the first of the many events! Bryan's 5th Birthday!! Which was a month ago.... anyways Bryan wanted a Knight and Dragon birthday party so that is what we did.
Here is his cake that I made for him. This dragon took me like 2 hours to do. He better have loved that cake!
here is Bryanposing with the cake. Telling the WORLD that yes he is officially 5!!!!! Now he asks me everyday..... So is tomorrow the day that I get to go to kindergarten? and my answer never changes. Poor guy!

My sister tori drew this awesome dragon so we could play "pin the FIRE on the dragon"! It was awesome and the kids loved it!

The gang!!!
all the boys got these blow up swords to fight the dragon that you see sitting there. I was the lucky on e to sit behind the dragon when they were fighting it! They hit hard!! the girls that were there got Princess stuff.. Get it??? Knights..... Dragons..... Princesses!!!

so there you have the quick re-cap of Bryan's 5th Birthday!! I still can NOT believe that I have a 5 year old. But I absolutely adore him and love him sooo much. he is the best helper and the best big brother to his sisters. Some of my favorite things about Bryan are ...... the fact that he will not. i repeat WILL NOT go to bed with out reading his scriptures and saying his prayers. He is a great example to me!! He Loves to help me with cleaning... Vacuuming in particular. Like I said before...He is a great help and loves his sisters and they love him. he is quite the little entertainer. Loves to make everyone happy and have a good time!!!! And my favorite for sure is..... He still loves me and his daddy!!! AND he tells us everyday all day long!!!! I love you too Bryan.

Friday, January 15, 2010


So I know that it has been a while and I am sooo far behind on my posting! But that is just the way my life has been these last couple of weeks. To start off the Holiday season we had Brayn's 5 birthday! yes I do have a 5 year old. Then we had Christmas. then New Year's. Then Our 6th Anniversary. Coming this week Kambria's 1st birthday. so when I actually have the time to sit and Download pictures of all these fun and eventful activities I will do so.

I know all of you are thinking WELL What does she do all day!!! I do nothing! Just kidding. I have my kids plus an extra. I sometimes am in charge of pre-school. We do craft day, and playgroup. And this past week WAS CRAZY!! Tayela was super sick! She Threw up from FRIDAY until TUESDAY! Which equalls Doctors visits and the ER and tired and Cranky girl, Plus two CRAZY boys who can't sit still...Plus a teething baby who only wants to be held. What does all of this equal??? ANSWER------- NOTHING GETS DONE! WHEW !! Now I feel better!