Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree!

Here we have a picture story of: How to put up the Christmas Tree!
Step #1: the kids find the right color and hand the pieces to their dad. Step #2 The kids pose for a picture! This is a must do!
Step #3 Take a picture of the Tree putter upper! And so you can see the progress.

step #4 Take a picture of the cute baby playing in the lights as her daddy is trying to put them on the tree!

Step # 5 : show the tree with all the lights on it. And show how good I did at "fluffing the tree".

Step #6 : hang all of the ornaments on the tree. Step # 7: Bryan puts the start on the tree!

Step # 8: Sit Back and Enjoy the Beautified Tree!!!

Friends from Highschool

So I am way behind but this was taken a while ago. But I got to finally see see friends from high school. I used to spend A LOT of time with these girls, and I just love them. Shenique came home from Colorado to visit her family and to bless her baby boy! So Us girls got to get together again. Me/ kambria, shenique/Matix , Kacey/Benjamin
Best Friends since the 5th grade!
and now we are moms!!

shenique swinging with Kambria

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

That the way things happen on the Polar Express!

So we did it again!! We got to go on the polar express. Sorry there are a lot of pictures. But oh well. Here is the family waiting for the train to arrive!! (click on it to make it bigger)
the girls!

the Boys!

andon (my brother) and Jori and their boys went with us this year!


The kids all squished into the one window to see the North Pole.

My kids knew what was next.............. Santa coming through the DOOR!!!

Even Kambria was ready for him!

My kids getting their Bell from santa!

The kids showing off their bell!

And that's the way things happen on the Polar Express!!