Friday, October 31, 2008

I finally got a few pictures!

I hope that you all enjoy. I finally had my mom download pictures so I could put them up there. Just my kids in thier Halloween costumes.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


So I am really excited for tomorrow. I know it's silly and some people are bothered by Halloween. But I've got to love it. It's my birthday and I get to go and spend the day with my three favorite people ever! All morning long I get to be with my kids and take them to Pre-School all dressed up in their costumes. They are going to be Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. They are so excited to go show the other kids their costumes. Then my sister-in-law is nice enough to take my kids after that so Scott and I can go to lunch! Wow...... lunch by ourselves. AWESOME! Then of course later all of us get to go to the Trunk-or-treat and get the goods. :) I really enjoy the fact that my kids will be happy and excited all day about this, which makes for a good day for me. That's the best birthday present ever... Happy kids and being with my family. Any ways I will get my moms camera and try to post some pics for every one to see. Have a great day and a Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

update on my dad and I have been Tagged!

So my dad went to the doctor on monday in showlow. They did alot of testing gave him medications and sent him home. Well the nest day we went to visit and keep grandpa entertained. He was hurting a little bit. Well yesterday he woke up and his lungs and chest were hurting him so my mom took him to Flag to get a second opinion. Good thing. The immediatly put him in the hospital did more testing, and a cat scan. They found 2 bloodclots in his lungs. Which are not life threatning. They later did surgery to put a net in his leg to catch anymore breakage. During the surgery another piece broke off and went to his lungs. He is doing okay kind of having a hard time breathing.....well it hurts him. But is getting better. So thanks for all those ho have had him in your thoughts and prayers.

Okay now for the tag.

4 random things I love about my husband

1- He's all mine and will be forever!!!
2- I absolutely love his giggle when he is playing with our kids.
3- He has told me that he will have 4 jobs before I ever have to go to work. He really loves and supports our family.
4- Everything about him..... he's the best!

4 jobs I've had

1-cashier at speedy's during highschool.
2- Mr. G's pizza and sub maker.
3- Dental Assistant
4- Banquet staff in thatcher.. We decorated for weddings. I loved it!

4 movies I've watched more than once

1- You've got Mail
2- Cars( I can quote the entire movie)
3- Rocky ( I know but Scott loves them so does Bryan)
4- Enchanted

4 TV shows I watch

1- I don't have TV but if I did I would watch HGTV I love those shows. And I would watch the Backyardagains with my kiddos!

4 places I've been

1- Georgia
2- Florida( Walt Disney World)
3- Mexico
4- Japan!

4 places I've lived

1- Thatcher
2- Tucson
3- Flagstaff
4- Winslow

4 of my favorite foods

1- Mexican
2- Grandpa James' home cooking!!!! MMMM.... (he's a southern cooker)
3- Thanksgiving dinner! Does that count?
4- Chicken..... I eat alot of chicken.

4 places I would like to visit

1- Minnesota ( I want to take scott back. That was his mission)
2- Dineyland ( Scott has never been)
3- Hawaii
4- All of the church sites

4 people I tag

2- Tara
3- Jamie
4- Lisa

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pray for my dad

My dad went to the Dr. today and he has a blood clot from his knee to his groin. So please keep him in your prayers. I don't know much else right now last I heard he was at the ER in Showlow and will probably end up in Phoenix. But not sure. I will keep all informed. Again just remember him in your thoughts and prayers.

Gotta love them kids!

So this is my second try for this blog. My computer froze earlier so I am doing this again. On Friday we had a fun adventure!! So we are all here having a nice evening at home. I was starting to cook some dinner and the Kids were watching Enchanted, and Scott was trying to find the BYU football game on the Internet. Anyways... Bryan takes off running for the bathroom. He comes out and starts watching the movie again. Normal right? So while Scott and I are in the Kitchen getting the table set and cheese graded and all that fun stuff. I realize that Tayela is missing. She is not watching the movie. So I go and find her. Well this precious little girl is in the bathroom. (Bryan did not close the door or the TOILET LID!) I find Tayela with a rag in her hands and her hands in the toilet! Yes this girl was just trying to clean the toilet for us and she was full of smiles and so very proud of herself. I of course was completely disgusted and yelled at Scott to come here now! She was soaked from head to toe in lovely toilet water! Our bathroom floor was flooded with toilet water. Scott comes in and starts laughing and then tells his daughter "Tayela no that's bad..... that's REALLY YUCKY!!! " I had already told her that this was very nasty! So of course she starts crying and feeling really bad. I then threw her in the bathtub and got her all cleaned up, and Scott cleaned the bathroom floor. Somewhere in there Bryan comes in WHAT HAPPENED? ME....... YOU DIDN'T CLOSE THE DOOR!!!! ( It's a good thing he flushed the toilet). So after all this I go back to finishing dinner. Well then I see Bryan run for the bathroom again. Then I hear "MOMMY..... I pants.......!!!!" ME "BIG SIGH OF FRUSTRATION" Scott he all yours. I have to finish dinner. So turns out the poor kid couldn't get his pants unbuttoned. Now here is my complaint. Really people.... when you make clothing for little kids who are learning to go to the bathroom don't make the button an actual button. Make them the snaps so they can very easily get the pants undone so they don't have accidents in the bathroom..... or anywhere else for that matter. So event number 2 taken care of. Well we just made him take a shower anyways. So as Scott is helping Bryan finish getting dressed and in his pj's Scott starts busting up... He is back there giggling with Bryan. So then I hear, hey Shandi how do you explain the cactus growing on my face? Bryan I guess had asked Scott why there was cactus growing on his face. And Bryan was very upset that is was there. So that was kind of the Highlight of the last half hour that was so very eventful. So for all of you who wonder what goes on in the Larsen household. There you go! Nothing to exciting..... just the joy of having a almost 4 year old and a almost 2 year old, and all the things they can think of to do!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

So these last couple of weeks have been fun. I guess nothing to exciting. Lets see Bryan and Tayela decorated our house for Halloween and had a blast doing it. They both got Halloween shirts to wear for the season and Bryan's has a skeleton on it and loves to "scare" everyone who see's it. Then Tayela just does everything her brother does and it is very funny. I have finished makeing Bryans costume. He is going to be Peter Pan and Tayela is his Tinkerbelle. I am really excited about it. I guess you have to do the cute stuff while they let you. So for my birthday I get to take to totally cute kids around to Trick-or-Treat. What more can you ask for! So we are getting settled in our home. Trying every once and a while to do the small things that make it ours! I still haven't painted. I want to but then I don't so I guess eventually I will do that. So the lastest thing my kids have been doing is really kind of funny. It gets really old fast but you can't help but laugh. So Tayela will be crying and so Bryan being a good brother will come up and pretend to run into something.( the couch or a wall) Anyways this makes Tayela start to giggle and cry at the same time, which eventually turns into both the kids busting up laughing so hard that they can't even get themselves to stand up. Then Tayela will continue so do this high pitched squeel so Bryan will again run into something and it starts the whole thing over. Like I said its very funny then frustating because of the screaming but you just can't stop laughing. Let's see what else..... Oh Scott went quail hunting with my dad and brother. I think he had a good time. I belieive it was his first quail hunt and he did a good job. He got the first bird and the most so I guess you can't complain to much. Then he slaughtered both my dad and DJ in a game of 500. So he ended up winning to milkshakes to top everything off. Scott started coaching Jr. High wrestling on Tuesday. I think it will be great for him to do that. He will make an awesome coach. Although that means I won't see him as much for the next 2 months but the kids and I will be okay! And just love daddy for those couple of hours that he is home! Well I think thats about all I have to say. One of these days I will have a funny story to tell like some of you other bloggers, for for now this is what you get. Oh and sorry there are no pictures I don't own a digital camera( I know I know old fashioned right?) But I will get some on here soon. So every one have a great day!