Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Birthday and Stop lights!

Today is my Scottie's birthday!! Happy Birthday Scott I love you. But I am not going to sit here and brag about how awesome you are! I already know that. But I am going to tell one of our funny stories. So here we go. Right after Scott and i got married we lived in Thatcher. We lived in a studio apartment that was right across the street form the post office. And if we had a back door or window we would have been able to see this lovely little park with some benches and green grass and trees. Like I said it backed our apartment and it was also across the street from the post office and across the street from Eastern Arizona College. Any way...... At night we would always go on a walk to the Bell Tower (this is where we had our first kiss and where he asked me to marry him). Then we would walk back and sit in this lovely little park. One night we decided we were bored and in Thacther there really isn't much Traffic at night. So we decided that we would push the stoplight button (you know the one you push to walk across the street) everytime we heard a car coming. So we would quickly run to it push it and wait for the car. So the funny part is it would make the only car on the road have to stop and wait for like 5 minutes. We would sit and laugh and laugh some more. It was even better when they had their windows down and we could here what was being said. More laughing and giggling.....we were tucked away on the park bench so they couldn't see us. So here is the funny part.... after who knows how many cars we made wait at the stop light we are now getting payback.... I guess we can call it that. Here we are 5 years later in a completly different town and we always always get stuck at this stop light.. Particularly at night coming back from his parents house. We pull up to the light...it turn's red. We wait like any normal person would........the light for the other traffic turns red....then green again!!!! Wait what!!!! what about us!!!! So here we are at our second red light.... and we are still the only ones stoped... The only car in sight!!! So I guess it's a true statement.........: what goes around comes around! LOL It is still such a fun memory and every time we get stuck we just have to laugh I mean really what can you do! Love you Scott!!! Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


all i have to say is................... FOOD POISONING.......... blah!!!!! I HATE IT!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Stats on the kids.............

Kambria------ 2months,2 weeks, 5 days
12lbs. 30z. 22.5 in.

Tayela------ 2years, 2weeks, 5 days
24lbs. 34in. tall

Bryan----- 4years, 3months,2 weeks, 5days old
39 lbs. 44in. tall

The Wind......oh the wind

This is Bryan....... washing the car.............

This is Tayela.....washing the car.......

This was Bryan and Tayela resting up
so they could wash the car.
(look out the back window...... the wind storm!)

This is the view from our car window......
(The picture doesn't even do it justice)

This is one of the windstorms that happens oh lets say
every other day here..... okay I might be exaggerating
a little bit..... it's every 3 days okay! I know there are many
of you who also get to experience this wind. But some of you
don't and are probably thinking oh they always complain about
the wind. Well....... you come spend a day with me. Then you will
see what I am talking about. You will see why we all hybernate until
it is done blowing. We only brave the wind if we absolutly have to.
So back to the top of this post.... My kid will be washing my car all
the time if the wind keeps coming. Good thing the still think its fun!