Friday, March 27, 2009

Listen to your little ones

Have you ever wondered why we are always told to be like our little ones? Well today as I was running some arrands Bryan asked me if I wanted to hear him sing a song about Jesus. So I said sure, Bryan is always making up his own songs about everything, sometimes I admit i have so many things going through my mind that i don't always listen. Today I did. This is what he was singing....." I love Jesus, I want to be like Jesus, so I can have his power. I listen to the Prophets so I don't get lost. But when I do Jesus is always with me. I love Jesus....." He kept going on and on. But really wow. I mean It really makes me wonder how much they know and again I realize why they are so special. I am definatly blessed to have them in my life.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Tayela!

Today is Tayela 2nd Birthday! I cannot believe that she is already 2! I just wanted to post some pictures of her to show everyone just how fun this girlie is. So the picture of her with the pink glasses.........she loves them. We found them at our old rental house. I think she could pull off that look. Don't you? The next one.....well this is how she helps me "fold" the laundry. she puts on as much clothing as she can. This time she decided to go for a "toga" look. Again she pulled off the look. LOL. And it took forever to get her untangled out of all those clothes! Then the last two are of this morning. We make birthday pancakes with candles.....she loved it and had no problem blowing the candles out! (notice in all of these pictures....her lovely hair dew. i promise I do her hair she just gets home and pulls it out.....then of course we get these crazy fros!) We Love you so much Tayela......... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Well I guess when you have a comment as vague as I was about having good news you get a wide variety of responses. No I am not pregnant. I just had a baby in January, so a little to soon for that one. However my husband decided that it was time to get a bigger car to haul everyone around with and so we got a new car. It is a Mercury Mountaineer. It is a nice car. We have more than enough room for everyone and Bryan and Tayela have enjoyed sitting in the back seat. It seams to fit our family and financial needs. However it does have a few cool things that came with it. Leather seats and those seat warmers. I haven't tried it out but it sounded cool. An automatic seat adjuster thing. So if I push a button the seat moves to my length and if Scott gets in he can auto adjust to where he likes it. It is a cool feature because once you get the seat where you like it someone else drives the car and adjusts everything and you can never find that spot again. So that is all the good news.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

40 Dollars can go a long way!

So Tayela's birthday is in about a week and a half and Grandma and Grandpa James sent her a birthday card. In it was 2$ for Tayela cuz she's 2. And then 40$ for me to go shopping for G-ma James to get Tayela what she needed. So that is what I did. I got her 4 shirts, a pair of capri pants, and a Dress with this cute little sweater,and a bow, and 2 giant Flowers to decorate her room. So thanks G-ma and G-pa for that and I think that we spent it well.
So for other things........nothing to exciting......okay there is but I can't tell yet so you all just have to wait. Anyways the kids let me take pics of them to see if we could get some good ones for our wall. Okay so I am not a photographer.... but the kids make them look cute anyways.
And last but not least................... Happy Birthday Tori!!!!!! (tomorrow) You are the coolest littlest sister ever! I hope you have had a awesome 17 years! I love you and hope that you have a great day! And the kiddos say "HAppy BiRthday TOE!!!!"

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My son is going to be famous and Baby Blessings!

this picture is why I say my son is going to be famous! He drew this just from his memory..... our family portrait! Yes yes he did!!! And it is Fabulous!!!! I can totally see the resemblance! So for only being 4 I think its very impressive! LOL. So the line up is Bryan is the blue one then Tayela, the Kambria and then there is me the yellow one, and the green one is Scott. I love it Bryan you did a great job! So if any one wants a family drawing from Bryan just let me know! The other photos of Bryan and Tayela is the aftermath of playing in the chalk and the lovely winslow dirt!

So onto Kambria.........we had her Baby Blessing Sunday March 1st. All of our family.....well most of our family got to be their! Lets see we had my mom and dad. D.J., Tawni and Tori. We had Scott's Family......His mom and dad. Joseph. Isaac and Tera and their kids. Adam and Tara and their kids. Justin and Rachel and their kids. Michael and Sarah and their kids. And Maury and Virginia's family. They are in our ward but is still great to have them there. So all in all it was great to have you all there. Thanks so much for coming! We really love you all and appreciate the support. Scott did a wonderful job with the blessing. It was really beautiful. I am so very grateful that he is able to give these special blessings. I love you Scottie!