Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Before I forget......

Scott and I got to play on a co-ed softball team this summer and it was pure awesomeness!!!! ( had to out that in there for Bryan) We really did have a great time! Our team was Henling Tech. Scott hit several home runs!!! And always came home saying Man that was so much fun I am glad we played! I some times had a good hit... but mostly I would swing the bat hoping for this awesome hit and it would go something like this... SWING, dink.....dink,dink, dink. Turned out to be more like a bunt. SO Then I would have to get them legs going so I could make it to first base. But I loved it and can't wait until next summer! Oh And we were the league Champions!! So therefore I now have 5 softball championships! Thanks everyone for putting up with us Larsens you all did great and really it was so much fun!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lake Powell Vacation!

This is our lake powell vacation! We set up camp, play games, play in the water, sit and relax, play on the boats and Jet ski, play in the dirt, and eat. So enjoy the pictures and I might have some more soon.

One of the many things scott made in the sand.

here is a funny face he made... and two seconds after I took the picture is broke.

Scottie cooking breakfast!

The ducks came every morning just so the kids could feed them.

Kambria hanging out with my mom.

Bryan playing with my cousin Max. they had so much fun together.

Aunt Tori

The dinosaur that Scottie and his Cousin Joseph Ricks made. This guy didn't fall apart. He was pretty cool!

our last post is all about our Utah trip. Read it if you like.

Our Utah Vacation in a Nutshell

So all of these pictures are completley backwards but oh well I will tell you about them backwards I guess. So Our Utah trip consisted of a Huge family Reunion! There were somewhere around 144 people there and that is not all of us. This was Scott's Family. Anyways, the picture below describes perfectly how we all felt after the trip.

This Next Picture was us at the Salt Lake Temple! This picture was taken on top of the Conference Center. This was my first time seeing the conference center and I think that building is amazing!! Scott and I got to attend a wedding in the Salt Lake Temple that day for Paul Ricks and His Bride Stephanie!! It was absolutley wonderful!
this picture is one of the activities for the reunion! We all went bowling. My kids loved it and We almost got a family picture. But kambria was sleeping and Tayela well she was done. It's because I decided to be in a picture.

This next one was before I jumped in!!! and well you see the difference!

This is who Kambria got to hang out with while the others were bowling. She just likes to snuggle up to her pop! She was really crashed out! I wonder if he smells good?

This picture of Kambria is at the Family Dance! She enjoyed watching Bryan and Tayela run and Dance. ( On a side note... Kambria is now 6 months old. She is almost crawling. and eating really well. For her crawling she puts her little bum straight up in the air, moves a foot forward, then an arm, and then face dives. But she will have it down by the end of the week I am sure. I Leave the room for a minute and she is across it from doing her little moves. It's to stinking cute!)

Oh how I wish this picture wasn't so dark! this is one of my very favorites. This is Great Grandma Larsen (For my kids anyways, Scott's Grandma) And those are my kids dancing with her!! It was so sweet!

Tayela taking a break from the many cousins to eat a nice refreashing popcicle!

this one I think is so funny. This was the start of the trip! Well Kind of. We stopped in Kanab for a potty break and well my kids loved being out of their seats for a few minutes. And if you look Closely you can see that our car was stuffed!

This was our stop on Page at my grandparents house the day before we drove to Utah. We decided to break the trip up for the kids. My grandparents backyard is the Golf Course in Page so we went for a walk and rolled down the hills!