Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The other day Bryan was talking to me telling me how excited he was about going to the Father's and Son's campout. He is planning on wearing his black camouflage pants.... He is taking Jamas this year, they will need toilet paper and a bean bag! So I then asked him Well where are you going to sleep? He said in his bean bag. So I corrected him and told him it's called a sleeping bag. Any who... I asked him well what are you going to eat for dinner? He says, A hotdog! OHHH and after that I am going to eat some SNORES!!!! (at this point I am starting to laugh because it was just to cute and funny). I said, Oh Really!! You are going to eat snores! He says... YEAH MOM! You know not the SNORES that go like this...... Picture Bryan making a snoring sound, the SNORES that you eat!!! YUMMM. That is when I lost it! I laughed uncontrollably all day! To stinkin funny!


j@nAe said...

So cute! I love how funny little kids can be without even meaning to!

Stephanie said...

Too Cute! I think its great that these boys look forward to the Father's and Son's campout each year. It seems like a month later they start asking when it is again! I love boys :o)