Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tayela turned 3!!

Tayela had a birthday!!! Almost a month ago! She turned 3 on March 20th! I cannot believe that she is so big! Here are some photos of this beautiful girl of ours!! She has a very funny personality and is very loving(most of the time) to her brother and sister! she always asks to wear my sunglasses!
on Sunday Tayela got really quiet so we went to see what she was up to and found her reading her scriptures!

She bought herself a make-up kit with her b-day money and loves it!

And Kambria is her model!

Whether she likes it or not!

Decorations for her party! She was really excited.

This is our Traditional b-day breakfast!

The cupcakes for her Friend party!

The Party people!

We were going to play with Water balloons outside but of course it decided to be yucky outside to we had to improvise! So we played balloon games inside!

Tayela telling you that she is 3.

Tayela we love you soo much! You are a great little girl and you are a great little helper. You know how to sing your ABC's and sing alot of song!!! You have an amazing imagination! You can count to 20 all by your self. Happy Birthday!


j@nAe said...

I had forgotten that she and Sam share the same birthday! My brother's wife shares it as well, and my grandma's b-day is the 21 and my dad's the 22nd. Apparently it's a really popular time to have a birthday if you're related to me. :)

Tayela is absolutely adorable. I can't believe she can do the makeup so well. I don't know if Seara has ever even seen me put on make up! What a smart girl. Happy belated birthday from us!

Tawni said...

I'm thinking about letting Tayela do my makeup for the wedding. I love the blue shadow, its fabulous!