Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I REaLLy stink at blogging!

I admitted it!!!! No excuses, no nothing! I just plain stink at blogging! It's the last thing on my mind. Oh well. I have accepted it. So anywho.. we took family pictures last weekend. Well we actually did it so I could make Christmas cards to send to people. Yeah..........I still haven't done that. oops. But on the plus side I printed out pictures to hang on my wall! So enjoy the pictures. My favorite part. The kids personality in the photos! Just a little taste for you all. Oh and if you would like a Christmas card e-mail me your addresses!!! THANKS!


Bryan and Jamie said...

well, I am really glad you posted! I love your family pictures! They are adorable! It looks so warm in winslow. I am wondering when I will be able to see the ground again. All we see is white stuff. I hate it!

janae said...

Holy cow, I don't think I ever realized how much Bryan looks like Scott and Tayela looks like you. A couple of those pictures look like they are intended to be you two together at age 4ish. Hilarious! I love Kambria's scrunchy smile--that is so darling! What great family pictures!