Monday, April 16, 2012

Bikes and Baseball

Tayela has a friend who brought a tiny little bike to playgroup one day with out training wheels. She wanted to try it and she did. She jumped right on and went to town. So that resulted in us having to fix her bike. So we did and we went and taught her how to ride her bigger bike all by herself and she is a pro!!! Kambria got the old bike which we also had to fix but she loves it and thinks it is wonderful that she is one a big girl bike! She also can not ride her bike without her tongue sticking out! A little something she picked up from her great grandma!

Bryan and Tayela have started their Baseball season. And this little gal is their number one fan! She wants to play so bad. Only 2 more years to wait!

Tayela is in T-ball and is on the Red Sox team! She has her first game today and is super excited! She is also has a mean swing!! Watch out little guys!

Bryan is in the minor league this year. ( Coach Pitch) They hit off of a pitching machine. He is doing very well. I think he is the youngest one on his team but that is not stopping him! He can hit really good. And throw the ball hard. They had their first game on Saturday and his team won 11-4!! Good job Giants!

I am looking forward to watching my kids during this baseball season! It will be busy! It will be crazy! It will be windy! We might come home grumpy! But in the end will be worth it!

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janae said...

Your kids seem so much older than mine in this post! We're just getting around to teaching Seara and Elijah to ride bikes this summer, and I doubt Elijah could throw or bat like that! :)