Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lanaya Belle

Well its has been a month. So I figure it is time to post the story.  A lot of you know that all three of our older kids have birthdays on the 20th of a month. So we were wanting this one to join them.  Well she had other plans and was not ready to come.  I was really thinking that it would happen though because that week of June 20th I was having A LOT of good contractions! Honestly I felt like I had been run over by a truck.  Turns out it was a flu bug. And after that weeks appointment I was only at a 2.
So I wait a week with some good contractions going here and there, but nothing consistent.  Well I am at a 3 and a little bit. Really close to being a 4. So the doctor says well go home and come see me tomorrow and we will see what happens.  You will be at 38 weeks then and we can go from there.
Well the next day rolls around and we decide to go ahead and get things going.  So off to the hospital we go.  They broke my water around 2:00 and then we waited.  After a while I was up walking around and the contractions we getting started.  Anyways it was just a waiting game.  You know watch some TV.... eat lunch....(oh wait that was Scott).  I was on the icechips and juice diet.  So jump ahead a few hours and its like 8:30ish and I am getting really tired. The contractions hurt. I was trying not to show Scott how bad they hurt but then the traitor tears started to come. So I finally say OK I am getting the epidural.
They called the guy to come do the this. Well he gets there and I am having really strong contractions and its already hurting. They if course want you to sit up and move and all that jazz.  I wasn't OK with this. Scott is helping me move I am crying cause I hurt. The nurse was trying to help bla bla bla. Epidural is in. I just lay there. Nurse is hooking up monitors and can't find babies heart beat. I still just lay there. nurse decides to check.  And then says...Oh!  Don't move, don't push! Pretty much just lay there! No problem I was doing that! Your ready to go! She says.

So from 8:30ish to now I went from a 7 to 10 in twenty minutes or so. No big. Ha. All it took was one push. Then we had our sweet baby girl here!  And its all worth it! She was born on June 29th at 9:07 pm. Weighing in at 5lbs 14oz and was 19 inches long.

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